About Us

After starting the business in 1987, Carol has built her business up immensely. From working out of her home for about 10 years and then buying the current building, she rebuilt the business and moved it to that location.

Carol strives in utilizing her skills as an Electrologist/Laser technician and to eliminate unwanted hair in a professional, sanitary environment. She also has a degree in Psychology which helps for listening to clients. As an electrologist, Carol has the knowledge of the skin and dermatological problems that may occur.

Honesty and caring about the total person is the backbone to Laser and Electrolysis. Carol works to boost self-esteem for those who need it and making people feel beautiful inside and out. Everyone that walks through her door is treated with respect and honesty. She is honest and straightforward as to what method of treatment is best and tries to keep cost affordable.

Say goodbye to the pain and hassle of shaving. Laser and Electrolysis strives to assist clients in achieving their goal of enhancing their personal appearance and self-esteem.

Laser hair removal and electrolysis is available for men and women on many areas of the body. Electrolysis uses state of the art technology to permanently remove unwanted hair by delivering a small amount of electricity to the base of the hair follicle destroying the bulb, with several treatments. This process is ideal for small treatment areas, such as a few hairs on chin, neck, lip and eyebrows. For larger treatments areas such as underarms, forearms, bikini line, legs, backs, chest, etc. laser is quicker and requires less visits than electrolysis.

After only a few treatments with us, you will notice less hair and smoother skin.

We offer a free consultation to see if you are a good candidate for laser! Contact us today to get started.

“Sympathetic and understanding of the feelings of excessive hair growth – very accommodating.”

– Pattie L.

“Very clean, professional office. Felt at ease right away, which helped my nervousness.”

– Kathy P.

“Carol is very friendly and knowledgeable, and works very quickly.”

– Pam W.